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Patch Notes


  • Added a new mode All-Spin Puzzle, where the goal is to clear as many lines as possible with all-spins while limited to 100 pieces. The board is smaller and hold is also disabled.
  • Added all-spin as a new toggle in both singleplayer custom settings and custom online lobbies.
  • Added T-Spin mini singles to T-Spin puzzle, they now give 1 point instead of not counting at all.
  • Added more API endpoints and data points to existing APIs. Profiles have achievements data and stats includes recent records and all-time score submissions.
  • Fixed several replay bugs, involving T-Spin Puzzle and All-Spin Puzzle.
  • Fixed multiplayer bugs causing afk players to be able to send garbage.
  • Added many more openers to practice on. (Nakamuraa's voracity, Stray gun, Honey cup and many more)
  • Added an account recovery page for reseting a users password.
  • Refactored the entire server code to make it less brittle and error prone.


  • The ability to undo has been added to custom and opener practice.
  • Added PC Practice to opener practice, you can now skip building the opener and only do the ending PC.
  • Added score counters next to player names for competition.
  • Added team score counters and a new team choosing section to the lobby sidebar.
  • Added the ability for lobby leaders to hide players and prevent them from playing.
  • Added support for more modes when playing with teams.
  • Added support for up to 100 bots in custom, with more AI customization.
  • Improvements to the PC Finder.
  • Map Maker now supports custom board sizes.
  • Added a new bigger timer, enable it in visual settings for more clearity.
  • Added a center board setting for those who want to play with the board centered at all times.
  • Added a new setting that shows info behind the board like lines and pieces left.
  • Added the ability to change the player limit in a lobby.
  • Lobby leaders can now change most settings midgame, and players can change teams midgame.
  • Performance mode bug fixes.
  • DAS fixes for compatibility with replays.


  • New gamemode! T-Spin Puzzle, perform as many t-spins with 100 pieces as possible. Except there is a twist, you have no hold and pressing hold gives you a T piece, and you can only place T pieces if they cause a t-spin.
  • The PC Finder Beta version is out! Try it out in game with the "E" key. No garauntees that it works though!
  • Added 7th PC practice, practice 7th pc faster then ever.
  • Added more Achievements: The Almost Death, Survival, T-Spin Rush.
  • Fixed and compressed the icons, meaning shorter load times.
  • Opener Practice - fixed seed and categories, added more openers. (Chromium)
  • Several opener bug fixes.


  • The UI Update! Everything shoud now use a new rounded UI.
  • Added more icons and fixed the Web App settings.
  • Added the bot AI to another thread, should be more than twice as fast. This also has the benefit of less freezes and lag.
  • Multiple large optimizations to rendering.
  • Changed the lobby browser window and the settings window.
  • Replaced the checkboxes with fancy new switches.
  • Added connected skin support on opponent boards. Fixed connected skin bugs.
  • Added more buttons to Opener Practice. Mirror button and hide opener button.
  • Clicking on current opener now links directly to the opener source.
  • Opener Practice - fixed seed and categories, added more openers. (Chromium)
  • Changed "Start Speed" setting to "No Gravity".
  • Several opener bug fixes.


  • New and Improved Opener Search menu. (Shoutout Chromium)
  • Added an indicator for game being focused.
  • Changed Lobby Browser and Settings windows.
  • Fixed Connected Skin Bugs.
  • Added the option to enable decrease on custom lock delay. (Thx SundayLee)
  • Fixed a bug where doubles would award a T-Spin Mini Double. (Thx Bacchess)
  • Added Local time to profile page. (also Thx Bacchess)
  • Fixed piece locking bar bugs. (Thx Duckface)


  • Added connected skin support.
  • New and imporved settings page.
  • Added a tagline to the settings cog "Settings". (Hopefully someone will click it now)
  • Added Reconnect button under the Cog for mobile.
  • Added a piece locking bar, for further clarity.
  • Fixed winners not recieving replays correctly. (Thx Chromium)
  • Fixed the Times page, now suports Hyper and T-Spin Rush. (also Thx Chromium)
  • Fixed Opener set seed to support mirrored openers. (again Thx Chromium)
  • Changed sprite slicer.


  • Bans and mutes have been added. Watch out!
  • Opponents garbage bar is now visible in multiplayer lobbies.
  • Fixed joining games midgame crashing the client. (Thx DurianLogan)
  • Rules and appeal info added to the about page
  • Fixed mobile and gamepad/controller controls not showing up in settings. (Thx Duckface)
  • New Tile UI fixes.
  • Several small bugs and errors have been fixed.


  • Hold is now faded when unavailable.
  • Added more features to the Map Maker and improved mobile support.
  • Changed finish and world record text.
  • Blox has undergone a major CSS (styling/looks) overhaul. Most pages now feature a rounded panel based look.
  • Fixed Replay page, added support for mobile.
  • Added content to about and API pages
  • Added more API info.
  • Retrying now adds playtime.
  • Fixed achievement cards not showing up on the profile.
  • Fixed several mobile layout bugs.


  • Added 333 miliseconds of Garbage Delay.
  • Added About, Patch Notes, API and Guide pages.
  • Added ghost pieces and FOUR on opponent boards.
  • Added pieces placed to stats display.
  • Fixed URL search parameters bugs.
  • Fixed layout bugs.
  • Fixed reset time.
  • Optimized code on pages without the game window.
  • T-Spin Rush should now display the correct score in the attack log. (Thx Jakko)
  • Minor bugfixes